Moog Medical Simulations

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2017 Project management for the development of a new Eye Surgery Training device for the Medical Simulation market. Moog B.V. in Nieuw-Vennep is an engineering-focused company passionate about offering high-tech simulation and test technologies for global aircraft, automotive and motion control application markets. Currently 135 highly qualified and motivated people are working in [...]



2016 - 2017 Business consultant and client manager for government, semi-government and business organizations. Conclusion is a Dutch ICT company that consists of a group of small companies clustered around the customer demand. Conclusion Learning Center partners with organizations to improve their employee performance. Bright Alley focuses on the development of [...]

Blend In Stand Out! serious game about inclusiveness @work

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2012-2015 In today’s society government organizations and companies are increasingly facing complex issues that they can not address independently. An inclusive work environment in which employees feel valued and respected can contribute to a better and more effective collaboration within organizations and between organizations. This seems obvious, however, ‘inclusive’ behaviour [...]

Dutch Forensic Institute


2014 The Netherlands Forensic Institute (NFI) is one of the world’s leading forensic laboratories and part of the Dutch Ministry of Justice. The NFI Academy offers a wide range of courses, workshops and training programs. xmediaworks has delivered consultancy services during the pre-consortium phase for a European research project for safety training (Horizon 2020). [...]

VU University Amsterdam

2010-2011 Several institutes within the VU University develop knowledge and products that can be valorized. To enable this there is a need for matching these scientific products with the needs of business. VU TTO, the Technology Transfer Office requested DPI & xmediaworks to assist in this respect. DPI & xmediaworks specialize in visual [...]

xmediaworks @ Serious games seminar March 2012 Seoul

Dutch Minister Rosenthal opens Serious Games seminar South Korea March 28 2012 On March 28, xmediaworks helped organizing a serious games seminar for the Dutch embassy & Korean serious game organizations. Dutch Foreign Minister Rosenthal opened the seminar with playing a serious games for fire fighter training. Marcel van der Steen (Dutch Forensic Institute), [...]

Higher Education & Creative Industry

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2011-2012 Higher Education & Creative Industry xmediaworks has worked on a publication for the 'Stichting Innovatie Alliantie (SIA)' about the relationship between higher education and the creative industry in the Netherlands. This publication gives an overview of research done within the creative industry and it shows the trends and developments expressed by opinion leaders [...]

Metro Mind Map education & ICT

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2009 Metro Mind Map @Madurodam The foundation Kennisnet is a public ict support organization in the Netherlands for primary and secundary education. For one of the programs concerning the use of multi media in education, xmediaworks has developed a ‘metro-mind-map card’ which represents the experiences of the participants – teachers, [...]