20 years experience in digital solutions for business, government, education, health

  • consultancy & management digital technology & solutions
  • bridges the gap between digital technology & your business needs
  • international business experience
  • experienced in (Agile) production processes in interdisciplinary teams

Who is behind xmediaworks?

xmediaworks is founded in 2004 by Joke Witteveen, an experienced consultant, manager and entrepreneur in digital media technology. Since 1994 she works in the ICT and digital media industry. She is specialized in serious games and digital media solutions for education, healthcare, corporate, government and non-profit organizations.

Fields of expertise:

  • strategic advice,
  • concept development,
  • translation learning, business, production & implementation needs
  • program & project management interdisciplinary teams
  • serious games – digital learning solutions

Joke has worked in international business, ICT technology and the creative industry. She has developed a variety of skills in the areas of management, technology, creative processes and communication.

She is the initiator of the Dutch Game Association’s Serious Games special interest group (2010). In this group serious games companies join forces to develop (international) business models, joint promotion of the Dutch serious games industry and validating the effectiveness of serious games by working together with researchers at universities.

In addition, she offers master classes and workshops on how interactive media and serious games can be used in education, healthcare, business or social organizations in the Netherlands and abroad.

Some of my highlights

The projects I am most proud of are those where I am able to bridge the gap between the needs of the client and her business and the creative and technical development team to deliver the best solution digital technology offers. I love the challenge and interaction with interdisciplinary teams to create the best solutions for the right context.

  • bridging the gap between business needs & solutions
  • challenge interdisciplinary teams
  • create solutions that fit the business context

xmediaworks has a broad network of specialists with different backgrounds such as UI design, game design, web technology and scientific research.

If you are interested in working with xmediaworks, please send a mail.

I am very interested in cognitive science, the interdisciplinary research about the human mind and its processes. How do we learn? How does our brain work? What is the influence of language, culture? Are we our brains? The human brain and body is an amazing complex and interesting mechanism.

As an MA in media studies I was always interested in the effect of media on people. We are only at the beginning to understand how digital media influences our behavior. Or the other way around: How we can influence human behavior by using digital media. And I believe it’s not just algorithms that will do the trick.

Which brings me to my other field of interest. I love to play classical music. Never underestimate the influence of music on our brain. 😉