xmediaworks areas of expertise

20 years experience in digital solutions for business, government, education, health

  • consultancy & management digital technology & solutions
  • bridges the gap between digital technology & your business needs
  • international business experience
  • experienced in (Agile) production processes in interdisciplinary teams


define digital solutions that fit your business context

Define your business needs

  • quick scan & workshops
  • awareness stakeholders
  • define critical steps


bridge the gap between business & digital solutions

specify critical steps to succes

  • define needs
  • define context
  • define ICT needs
  • select interdisciplinary team
  • develop business case


interact with interdisciplinary teams to create solutions

getting things done

  • create project plan
  • select project team
  • select development team
  • agile development process
  • test & implement


to ensure successful use which seems so easy but it never is..

ensure successful use

  • online distribution process
  • train the trainers
  • user feedback & evaluation
  • test & improve
  • scale to global use

xmediawork’s other services to make things easy

A project becomes a success when the users don’t have to think about the technology. So in the past few years xmediaworks has developed several services to make it easy to implement the solutions.

Please feel free to contact me for more information.

xmediaworks offers master classes and workshops on how digital media and serious games can be used in education, healthcare, business or government organizations at home and abroad.

xmediaworks supports her clients with a train the trainers program to assure successful use of the online training program or serious game.

xmediaworks provides content management & hosting services

  • For content management so data is always up to date & relevant
  • For teachers who can follow the achievements of their trainees
  • For system managers to assure privacy and security of trainees and content